VET – Centralised

Key Action 2: Cooperation

Sector Skills Alliances:

Sector Skills Alliances aim at tackling skills gaps with regard to one or more occupational profiles in a specific sector. They do so by identifying existing or emerging sector specific labour market needs (demand side), and by enhancing the responsiveness of initial and continuing VET systems, at all levels, to the labour market needs (supply side).
Sector Skills Alliances are transnational projects which should work to achieve the following objectives:
• Identification of existing and emerging skills needs for professions in specific sectors, strengthening the exchange of knowledge and practice between education and training institutions and the labour market;
• Modernising VET by adapting provision to skills needs,
• Integrating work based learning in VET provision, and exploiting its potential to drive economic development and innovation, increasing the competitiveness of the sectors concerned;
• Building mutual trust, facilitating cross-border certification and therefore easing professional mobility in a sector, and increasing recognition of qualifications at European level within a sector;
• Supporting a strategic approach (”Blueprint”) to sectoral cooperation on skills.
Sector Skill Alliance shall cover a coherent and comprehensive set of activities and outputs as set out below for each Lot and as relevant for the sector concerned.
A particular focus must be given to digital skills as they are increasingly important in all job profiles across the entire labour market. In addition, the transition to a circular economy needs to be supported by changes to qualifications and national curricula to meet emerging professional needs for “green skills”.