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Promoting the European dimension in guidance activities and to provide quality information on mobility are the key aims and objectives of the Euroguidance network.

The Euroguidance Centre – Malta fulfils these objectives through the organisation and promotion of a number of career guidance activities held during the year.

The Euroguidance Centre – Malta ensures that through its well founded relationship with the main stakeholders and institutions, reaches the objectives established by the Euroguidance Network which aim at developing the European dimension in guidance for education and vocation training.

Collaboration with such stakeholders enables the sharing of experiences already established locally and encourages the introduction of practices undertaken by counterparts in other Member States.  This exchange and promotion of practices provides a platform for lifelong guidance initiatives that in turn help to reduce early school leaving, reinforce vocational education and training and support the validation of non-formal and informal learning. Initiatives organised by the Centre will be in line with the Europe 2020 strategy which aims to assist in reducing the high levels of unemployment around Europe and establish mechanisms to facilitate mobility and improve job and lifelong learning prospects.

Enabling such lifelong guidance endeavours will assist local guidance practitioners to be fully knowledgeable of what the current job availabilities are and the respective skills required. Being prepared for such requirements will provide proper guidance to young people and thus ease the education and labour market transition required for youths and pupils to engage in the work force.

Throughout the year, the Euroguidance Centre – Malta, assisted by relevant stakeholders, organises a number of activities to:

    • Enhance the knowledge and skills of guidance practitioners;
    • Ensure the proper dissemination and promotion of good practices undertaken at national and European levels;
    • Further complement the work of the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) and support EU policy initiatives.

The Euroguidance network is composed of Euroguidance centres, present in all Programme Countries (34 countries) and in Western Balkans countries (38 countries in total).
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