Michael Formosa

Location: St Julians

Age:  19

Studying:  Advanced Diploma in Food Technology

Currently in:  2nd  year

Erasmus Destination:  Netherlands

Apprenticeship period: February 2017

Tell us something about your Erasmus+ experience

What have you learnt and what do you think were the benefits that you reaped from this experience?

Our Erasmus+ mobility experience took place between 28 January and 11 February 2017. We went to Nordwin College in Leeuwarden, since it is highly equipped with food technology facilities, thus, a great opportunity for us following an advanced Diploma in Food Technology at MCAST.

The whole experience lasted two weeks and it was amazing! I learnt a lot even in such a short period of time and I wish it was a longer experience. I learnt on how to make some of the local dishes including the Frekandel, Krokets and farm house cheese. I also had the opportunity to learn on the production of other products including chicken nuggets, bread including gluten free bread, chips, and apple sauce and apple juice. We also had a sight visit to a shrimp and fish factory and to an eel’s farm where we had the opportunity to learn on the fish catching process, testing and packaging.

During this Erasmus+ experience, I managed to meet students from eight different European countries. We joined the group and carried out a selection of food processing related games such as butter making and we learnt on how to use vinegar to extract the protein from warm milk. I wish we had more time to learn about these processes.

Summarise these two experiences in 3 words

Exciting, New and unforgettable

Tell us one random/fun fact about yourself

I own a ManCave with a Bar.