Andrew Brockdorff

Location: Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq

Age:  19

Studying:  B.Eng Manufacturing Engineering

Currently in:  1st Year.

Erasmus Destination:  Essex, United Kingdom.

Apprenticeship period: 16 April – 6May 2017

Tell us something about your apprenticeship experience

What have you learnt and what do you think were the benefits that you reaped from this experience?

I had quite a pleasant experience in the workplace, the environment was great and everyone was friendly. This made me feel welcomed and accepted. I was able to learn many different concepts and practices that I was able to apply at my workplace in Malta. Overall I am happy with the place of work and the area I was staying in.

And what about your Erasmus+ mobility experience?

For Erasmus I went to Essex, UK in a manufacturing company for aviation parts. I stayed for 3 weeks.

I learned about more sophisticated equipment than the ones I was used to. I learnt how to live independently and take care of myself. A benefit is that you realize how precious time is because over there you can feel the effect of time passing by. Great memories were made with the people I was working with, they were friendly and willing to teach me in any way they can.

Summarize these 2 experiences into 3 words

Challenging, Fulfilling, Independence

Tell us one random/fun fact about yourself:

My most used word is ‘Imagine’