Alicia Said

  • Location: Għajnsielem, Gozo
  • Age:  17
  • Studying:  Advanced Diploma in Food Technology.Currently in:  2nd Year.Erasmus Destination:  Leeuwarden Friesland, Netherlands.

    Apprenticeship period:  30th Jan – 10th Feb 2017

    Tell us something about your apprenticeship experience.

    What have you learnt and what do you think were the benefits that you reaped from this experience?

    During my four-week placement at Magro Brothers, I was able to gain further beneficial knowledge on working in the food industry. I got to put into practice the theory learned at school and apply it in my work as a Quality Assurance Technician. I learned to use new equipment and I also learned how to perform various tests to ensure the specific standards and parameters of the company. Furthermore, I learned how to deal with problems that might occur in the food industry. I was also able to see an audit take place, and this was an experience that will definitely help me in my future job. This was a great experience which cannot be gained from inside a classroom, but was lucky enough to experience it at Magro Brothers.  I was treated kindly and patiently and was exposed to a lot of knowledge about the food industry. I would definitely do it again.

    And what about your Erasmus+ mobility experience?

    Last year, during the month of February, I had the opportunity to have a two-week Erasmus+ mobility experience in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. In the first week I attended the collage of MBO Life Sciences and had lessons in their food manufacturing plant. I, along with my classmates and lecturer, produced various products such as cheese, bread, apple juice, apple chutney, puff pastry, croquets, frikandel, which is a traditional Dutch snack similar to a hotdog, potato crisps and chicken nuggets. This was a great experience since in Malta we don’t have these facilities. Furthermore, we got to learn, not only theory but also the techniques behind the product.

    In the second week I, along with my classmates, went on an excursion to a fish-trading company and got to know about its history. I also joined a program called “A sustainable world, a healthy body”.  Here, we were shown a Power Point on how to promote healthy eating to people, while at the same time reducing waste for a sustainable world.  On our last day we met students from seven different countries and participated in activities related to food together.  From this experience I got to learn more about other cultures and working as a team. This was an experience that will definitely help me in my studies and also in my future job.

    Summarize these 2 experiences into 3 words

    Motivating, productive and fun.

    Tell us one random/fun fact about yourself:

    In my free time, I produce wine and beer at home. I find home brewing very interesting and unique.