Alexander Caruana

Location: Marsaskala

Age: 21

Studying: Advanced Diploma in Environmental Sustainability

Currently in: 2nd Year

Erasmus Destination:  Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto, sicily

Apprenticeship period: 2 weeks

Tell us something about your apprenticeship experience

What have you learnt and what do you think were the benefits that you reaped from this experience?

I learnt several things including how to professionally respond to complaints regarding valleys and responding to them; how to use ArcGIS in a professional manner for research purposes and how to tackle both production and employee problems.

I’ve also learnt how to use ArcGIS soley from my apprenticeship, and I even gained a certification in it. This has opened up the opportunity to pursue a career as an ArcGIS specialist within the environmental sector. I’ve also attended numerous different professional European conferences alongside my colleague, giving us the opportunity to network with much bigger entities.

And what about your Erasmus+ mobility experience?

My Erasmus experience also helped me to further my knowledge and studies. Indeed, I learnt about the recycling system in the Messina Province, and understood how a mussel farm works. I had also the opportunity to visit green-buildings that were being constructed and hiked throughout Messina Nature Reserve.

Apart from gaining knowledge within the environmental sector we also networked with different professional personnel, one of whom is a geologist studying the lava formations on Etna.

Any great memories you’d like to share? :

We’ve been given special permission by our Tour Leader, to swim within the protected nature reserve.

Summarize these 2 experiences into 3 words

Fun, Interesting and Unique

Tell us one random/fun fact about yourself:

I had an orange belt in Israeli Krav Maga (IKM) by the age of 14