FAQs for Beneficiaries

I have received a letter saying that my application was approved. Can I start utilising the funds immediately?

The letter received explicitly says that the letter itself is just a notification on the results of the selection process and should not be considered as a formal commitment of funds. Funds are formally committed with the beneficiary through a contractual agreement presented by the EUPA once funds for your activity have been made available by the European Commission.


When will I receive the funds?

Once the grant agreement is signed by both NA and the beneficiaries and the funds are committed by the EC, the initial payment of 80% of the grant amount specified in the agreement is made available within 30 days. This is specified in Article I.4.1 of the grant agreement signed between you as beneficiary and the EUPA on behalf of the European Commission.


Is there any way to see past projects to be inspired and have a better idea of what is required?

Guidelines for the proper implementation of projects may be viewed here.


Should I keep any documentation and proof of utilised funds?

The beneficiary may be subject to checks and audits in relation to the Agreement. Checks and audits aim at verifying whether the beneficiary managed the grant in respect of the rules set out in the Agreement, in order to establish the final grant amount to which the beneficiary is entitled. The beneficiary may be subject to the following types of checks:

  • Final report check: EUPA checks at final report stage undertaken at its premises in order to establish the final grant amount to which the beneficiary is entitled. This type of check will be undertaken in all cases:
  • Desk check: in-depth check of supporting documents at the NA premises, usually at or after final report stage;
  • On the spot check: check at the premises of the beneficiary organisation or at any other relevant premise for the execution of the Project.

Further information would be provided in the Agreement document.


The project has changed a bit since I applied – what should I do?

When changes from the original application are going to occur, it is important that you contact your EUPA Officer immediately and discuss such changes with him or her.

Whilst changes are allowed, these should in no way jeopardize the nature of the project. Therefore please make sure to plan your activities early in the programme year to ensure that any changes required are brought to the attention of the EUPA for approval. The National Agency should also be informed, through a formal letter, if the legally authorised person of the organisation has changed.


When should the final report be submitted to the National Agency?

The deadline for submission of final reports is specified in the grant agreement signed between you as beneficiary and the agency.


Can you tell me where the final report template is on the website?

The template for the final report form cannot be downloaded from the website as it is in e-form format available through the mobility tool.


On submission of the final report, which receipts do I have to include and how should they be presented?

Always consult with the grant agreement as this specifies what should be kept as justification for expenses incurred. When requested, receipts must be copies or originals depending on the year of the grant agreement, but it is very important that originals are kept by the beneficiary for any future reference when copies are requested in the report.


How do I ensure that the organisation receives the full grant amount as specified in the grant agreement?

The final report is considered as the beneficiary’s request for payment of the balance of the grant. On receipt of the documents referred to in the final report, the National Agency shall pay the amount due as the balance within 60 calendar days. This amount shall be determined following approval of the final report. Approval of final report shall not imply recognition of the regularity or of the authenticity, completeness and correctness of the declarations and information it contains.


What are General Monitoring Meetings and when are they held?

Group meetings are organised by the agency on a regular basis (at least once a year) for beneficiaries of projects. The idea behind such meetings is to provide general advice with regards to the implementation, management and reporting related to the projects, and to provide a forum for discussion between project coordinators and participants. The meeting shall also provide practical advice related to exploitation of results.


For how long shall I retain the documentation pertaining to my project?

In relation to project checks and audits by the Maltese National Agency, all documentation should be kept for a period of at least three years after the final payment has been made if the project is under €60000 otherwise if it is more the document retention should be that of five years.


I still have many questions related to my ongoing project – who should I ask?

Programme Officers within the EUPA are pleased to help you out in your queries. You can call the EUPA on 2558 6130 and ask for the Programme Officer. Always quote the reference number of your project so that the officer in charge can look up the details and be in a better position to assist you.