Languages in Context

Are you a language teacher? Do you want to provide your students with more opportunities to put their language learning in context?

Then join the virtual European thematic and contact seminar “Languages in Context” which is being hosted by the Irish National Agency on November  9-11th │4:00- 5:30pm CET.

Themes and goals:

“Languages in Context”, is a thematic seminar that will address such issues as student motivation, pronunciation and providing students with meaningful language interactions. The seminar will put a special emphasis on methodologies and ways of using Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) for meaningful language acquisition. Learning a (foreign) language and vocabulary through context is an important but often overlooked aspect of language learning. In addition to the pursuit of language learning in a purely academic setting, the thematic seminar will look at methodologies for language learning that involve teacher and student exchanges, travel and real-life interactions.

Expected results:

This contact and thematic seminar aims to provide both primary and post-primary language teachers with information on using CLIL as a methodology for language learning and will showcase how such an approach can be enhanced by integrating it within an Erasmus+ project and opening the door to teacher and student exchanges. Teachers can expect:

  • To meet other teachers active in Erasmus+ who will showcase how they are using CLIL in their classroom and the impact of their projects;
  • To gain new ideas as well as a better understanding of CLIL and best practices in teacher and student mobility projects; 
  • To learn about professional development opportunities for teachers, such as job-shadowing or training abroad;
  • To learn about Erasmus+ School Exchange Partnerships. Meaningful exchange with peers, travel and real-life interaction can do wonders for student’ motivation to learn a foreign language. These personal experiences can also greatly improve students’ confidence (and pronunciation!) 

Target Group: Participants should be teachers working in the area of languages. Both primary and post-primary participants can attend.

The meeting will be held on Zoom and participation is free.

If you are interested in participating, kindly please send in your application form by no later than 12 October 2020. The application form or any questions that you might have are to be addressed to Janelle Camilleri (