SoliDARE online


6-20 October 2020 | online: ZOOM platform, Romania.

Application Deadline (24th UCT): 18th September, 2020.

SoliDARE online aims to bring together representatives from organisations active in European Solidarity Corps programme. The event aims to start building up the community of organisations that are part of the European Solidarity Corps network.

The European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre together with Romanian National Agency (Agenția Națională pentru Programe Comunitare în Domeniul Educației și Formării Profesionale) and Polish National Agency ( Foundation for the Development of the Education System) is developing the international blended event “SoliDARE” taking place in two different process: virtual meeting (October 2020) and the residential meeting planned for November 2020 in Romania, a three full day event. This is the 1st edition of a series of events that will support community building for organisations, which are coordinated by the European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre.

The event aims to bring together representatives from organisations and informal groups, active in the European Solidarity Corps programme. The methods used are part of a participatory methodology. The participants will co-create the content of the meeting. The overall objectives of the event are:

  • To allow space for networking and creation of future partnerships between organisations active in Solidarity Corps programme.
  • To offer inspiration.
  • To develop a sense of membership to a Solidarity Corps programme community.

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