MINDSET OF YOUTH WORKERS in supporting learning through youth mobilities

Training Course

9-14 November 2020 | De Glind, Netherlands.

Application Deadline (24th UTC): 15th September, 2020.

The overall aim of this training process is to reflect on the mindset of youth workers and exchange, discuss and challenge youth workers about competencies they need for supporting young people’s development in youth mobility and furthermore. This will be based on drawing from successful youth mobility experiences and will lead to discussing measures for systematic change in youth worker education and training, to be better prepared! For this we will be using the impact tool. The detailed objectives are:

  • to discover and discuss practices and impact of successful learning experiences and supported/facilitated learning processes in youth mobilities,
  • to discuss what supports learning in mobility’s (learning environment, process etc.) and what is the mindset of the youth workers related to it,
  • to discuss how to empower and enable the competence development of young people in appropriate ways (with a specific focus on the use of it in the young person’s daily life and reality),
  • to supporting meaningful expressions of gained competence through youth mobilities,
  • to focus on youth workers as a learner and develop youth workers competences related to learning processes.

The core of the training process will be to discover what impact will you cause by putting ‘Learning as a priority’ in your work with young people! The training course provides an opportunity for youth workers to reflect on their mindset with a specific focus on being a learner and supporting learning of young people – especially in youth mobilities! 

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