Cherry on the Cake – youth exchange in the context of a long-term work with groups of young people

Training Course

6 October – 1 December 2020 | combination of online meetings, group work and residential training course, Slovenia.

Application Deadline (24th UTC): 6th September, 2020.

Would you like to discover what makes a Youth Exchange the “Cherry on the cake”? Are you willing to discover the long-term work with other youth workers?

If you have already led a Youth Exchange -at least once- you probably know that it can be a life-changing experience for the participating young people. Not only that, organising a Youth Exchange with partners from other countries has the potential to upgrade your local youth work practice, and take it to the “next level”.

With Cherry on the cake 2020 we would like to offer you a special journey. An opportunity to discover long term work with groups as first-hand experience. With focus on preparatory phase and follow-up activities, which will be implemented online to support residential training course. The whole process is designed as holistic approach to youth exchanges, and it can also offer a simulation of phases in youth exchanges.

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