Call for proposals for the Second pilot VET mobility scheme for the Western Balkans

The general objective is to contribute to the improvement and modernisation of VET systems in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Kosovo*, as well as reinforcing the links between VET and the labour market. More specifically, the aim of the call is to enhance the capacity of VET providers in the four mentioned partners by promoting mobility activities aimed at improving the skills and competences of VET teachers, learners and managers and the occupational prospects of young students.

Expected General Outputs

– Exchange programmes between the four mentioned partners and the European VET providers;

– The knowledge, technical and pedagogical skills of VET teachers is improved;

– The knowledge of VET managerial staff is improved;

– The transversal, generic and subject specific skills of learners are enhanced.

Indicative activities: Mobility arrangements (identification of target groups, development of individual programmes and action plans for schools and teaching staff, implementation of mobility in the EU), document best practices, dissemination at national and regional level, creation and institution of networks and partnerships for exchanges.

Deadline to submit a proposal is Wednesday 17th June 2020 (12:00 noon Brussels time)

For further information including the call for proposals and the application form kindly click HERE