European Skills Index

The ESI measures countries’ “distance to the ideal” performance. This ideal performance is chosen as the highest achieved by any country over a period of 7 years. The ideal performance is scaled to be 100 and the scores of all countries are then computed and compared to that.

For the index as a whole Malta ranks 13th in the 2020 release, a great improvement compared to the 19th position in 2018, with a poor score for the skills development pillar, but second highest for the skills matching pillar. These results place Malta in the “middle-achieving” group for 2020.

For the skills matching pillar, Malta ranks 2nd, with an “overqualification rate (tertiary graduates)” score close to the best in the EU (rank 3rd). Among the indicators of this pillar, Malta performs the poorest in “low-waged earners (ISCED 5-8)” (rank 15th)

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