ETS training course – COMETS on Being Civically Engaged

Training Course

6-12 June 2020 | Germany

Application deadline 5 April 2020

Training for Trainers focusing on the dimension of being civically engaged, based on the ETS competence model for trainers working at international level.

Training Objectives:

• To explore the personal, internal and external influences on the role of trainers (politics, policies, environment, social and economical contexts, etc.);

• To reflect and share on the notions of ethics and ethos of trainers;

• To work on the attitudes of trainers with regards to authenticity, openness, curiosity and dealing with personally challenging values and beliefs;

• To reflect on and explore the possible limits of the ‘civic/political role of trainers’ in their practice;

• To reflect on human rights principles and human rights education in the work of trainers.

COMETS training courses intend principally to offer trainers a space to reflect, exchange and contrast their practice and understanding with regard to a certain ETS competence area. The main purpose is to enable participants to take further steps in their professional practice. This is not a classical training course in the sense of receiving tools and development of the practical aspect of being a trainer. The focus of a COMETS is more introspective, requiring self-examination of practice, attitude, understanding and behaviour, as well as a desire to improve in one’s practice.

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