The European Language Label Award 2019



EUPA is pleased to announce that for 2019 the European Language Label has been awarded to 2 schools; Verdala International School and Maria Regina College, St. Paul’s Bay Primary.

The label is awarded to the most innovative language learning project in each country participating in the scheme. By supporting these projects, at a local and national level, the label seeks to raise the standards of language teaching cross Europe.


The project submitted by Verdala International School, International Language Week: Traditional Stories; aims to expose students to the language of other countries, to develop appreciation of other cultures and their stories and to explore what they have in common in terms of shared language and traditions. Storytellers are encouraged to use physical movement, effective change of voice, and visual aid or props.

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The project submitted by Maria Regina College, St. Paul’s Bay Primary titled; Happy Together, aims to help students that lack knowledge of the Maltese language, to strengthen the knowledge of those students in the middle segment and to raise the level of those students who already have a good knowledge of the language. Over 70% of their students are non-Maltese natives and thus the school has adopted methods they have developed school ethos and polices where everyone  feels at home.

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The ELL was awarded on Thursday 1st August 2019, the winners were presented with a certificate and a book voucher.