Skola Sajf 2019


For the third consecutive year, the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA) will be organising numerous sessions for Skolasajf sudents, run by the Foundation for Educational Services (FES), within the Ministry for Education and Employment. The interactive sessions will be conducted using non-formal methods to students aged 11-14 years, with the aim of boosting up their knowledge about the European Union in general and mobility opportunities under the Erasmus+ Programme.


The interactive games will be conducted in a highly engaging manner with the aim of making students eager to increase their knowledge of foreign countries, thus instigating in them the will to participate in an Erasmus+ mobility in the future. Such opportunities are available for pupils in their formal education; secondary schooling, in College and University and in their day to day life if at a later stage they decide to become members within an NGO and thus participate under the youth sector or else volunteer within the new strand, the European Solidarity Corps.


Following the initial interactive sessions, numerous sessions focusing on public speaking will be held by an expert, to introduce to the students techniques on how to become more confident in their communication skills. The final session will be held at the Parliament in September, whereby the students will have the opportunity to ask a question to the Members of Parliament, elected to the House of Representatives of Malta.