European Vocational Skills Week 2019

The European Vocational Skills Week 2019, organised by the European Commission, is taking place again this year between the  14 – 18 October.  Hundreds of events and activities took place across Europe from May through to December as part of the Week.

The Week provided a unique opportunity for education and training providers, civil society organisations, public authorities, business organisations and the broader public to come together and celebrate Vocational Education and Training (VET) as a smart choice, leading to excellence in education, high-quality jobs and increased employability.

This year’s theme is ‘VET for ALL – Skills for Life’, so there will be a special focus on adult learning and inclusivity. As we begin registration this year, we are already seeing great examples coming through, from opening events to Employer’s Days, plus a whole range of seminars and workshops. It would be great to have you involved!

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European Vocational Skills Week