KA101 – Consortium – Newcomers

A new TCA opportunity is open in the field of school education. The TCA entitled “KA101 – Consortium – Newcomers” be held in Bergen, Norway on 2-5 December 2019.


Profile of participants:


The contact seminar is mainly targeted at representatives from schools (kindergartens) owners or potential leaders of consortium. Participants should have no or little knowledge about KA101-consortium. Applicants that did not get a founding due to lack of quality in their earlier KA101-consorium applications are welcome to attend too.

Themes and goals of the event:

The concept of consortium in School Education was new in 2015. Many NAs agree that they wish they would have more of them. Consortiums allow a larger number of schools to take part in the Erasmus+ program since administration of the projects is no longer a burden for the schools themselves.

  • Possibilities within KA101 consortiums
  • Particularities of a KA101 consortium projects
  • Presentation(s) of successful and well run KA101-projects consortium
  • Project coordination and project management of a KA101 consortium
  • Promotion of job-shadowing


Expected results: Participants will send consortium application to the next KA101-round and will have already started cooperation with receiving schools (kindergartens) for job-shadowing.


Those interested are to send their application forms to Janelle Camilleri (Janelle.camilleri@gov.mt)  by no later than 20 August 2019.