For the second consecutive year, the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA) was approached by the Foundation for Educational Services (FES) to organise sessions to Skolasajf students.


EUPA took this opportunity to organise interactive sessions through non-formal methods to Skolasajf students aged 11-14 years with the aim of boosting up their knowledge about the European Union in general and its funding opportunities, especially Erasmus+.


Prior to the sessions, EUPA staff informed the students that as secondary school students, through their school, Erasmus+ gives them the opportunity to travel and explore new countries via student mobility. The interactive games were conducted in a highly engaging manner with the aim of making students eager to increase their knowledge of foreign countries, thus maybe one day they will too do an Erasmus+ mobility, at least if not while attending compulsory schooling, maybe at a later stage in their life as members within an applicant NGO or else as volunteers within the new strand, the European Solidarity Corps.