“Boost Recognition-Aftermath! (BR Aftermath)”

The TCA workshop “Boost Recognition-Aftermath! (BR Aftermath)” was held on 25th June 2018, in the Haywharf Clubhouse, Floriana, Valletta. BR Aftermath was a follow-up for the Boost Recognition Training course which was held in Malta between 7th and 9th May 2018, to support and train beneficiaries working with youth on the compilation of their Youthpass Certificate during project activities.

Different sessions were given to the participants to explore methods and tools which facilitate the ‘Youthpass process’ with young people and thus emphasise the recognition of non-formal learning. During the workshop, special focus was put on the fact that the Youthpass is not a certificate of attendance, but rather a self-reflection tool, which highlights non-formal learning outcomes through the eight key competences.

The workshop hosted 30 beneficiaries who are engaged in EU granted projects under the Erasmus+ Programme. Ms. Audrey Agius was the facilitator for this workshop and as follow participants of Boost Recognition Training Course, Mr. Simon Spiteri and Ms. Antoinette Schembri were asked to present their experiences with the Youthpass process in the Training Course.