Digital Opportunity Traineeships Scheme

ESkills Malta Foundation in collaboration with EUPA Malta organised a Seminar on 17th April 2018 to discuss the Digital Opportunity Traineeships, an EU-funded training initiative. Ms. Pia Groenewolt, Project Officer, All Digital (formerly Telecentre-Europe) was invited to provided information on the scheme.

The Digital Opportunity Traineeships Initiative is an EU-funded initiative to provide cross-border traineeships in digital skills for 600 students and recent graduates from 2018 to 2020. This is open to all Erasmus+ Programme Countries and to the Horizon 2020 Associated Countries. The first traineeships will start in spring 2018.

The Digital Opportunity Traineeships will strengthen ICT specialist skills in fields such as cyber-security, big data, quantum technology and software development, or boost digital marketing skills. Students and recent graduates apply through their university, according to the timing and procedures established by the university for Erasmus+ traineeships.

This initiative will be financed by Horizon 2020 and implemented through Erasmus+.

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