iChoose and KSU Career & Research Expo

The KSU Careers & Research Expo 2017 was held on the 7th, 8th and 9th of March. During these three days, KSU together with other entities gave keynote speeches, organised workshops and conducted interviews in an interactive space.
The Ministry for Education and Employment is embarking on an extended ‘I Choose’ initiative in 2018, targeting all 4th & 5th formers. This will be another opportunity whereby our students can explore further career options as they leave compulsory education. The aim is to enable our students to make informed choices about their future. This year ‘I Choose’ is split in four events throughout the year:

  • Career awareness week in March where employers across industries and sectors were invited to participate. Organised groups from all schools also visited the fair.
  • ‘I Choose’ event which focused on the opportunties available in Gozo;
  • Upcoming July events that will include all post secondary institutions under one roof.

EUPA, under Europass, was, and will be, present during all events giving out valuable information to students regarding the importance of the Europass CV and tips on how to ace the interview process.