Training Opportunities

Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCA) aim to enable Erasmus+ National Agencies (NAs) to improve the quality and impact of the Erasmus+ programme through the provision of training and networking opportunities. TCA opportunities are available for organisations and Erasmus+ stakeholders which includes; Adult Education, Vocational Education and Training (VET), Higher Education, Schools and Youth sector. TCA includes a wide range of activities such as workshops, training courses, seminars and partnership building activities on themes relevant to Erasmus+.

For further information on TCAs kindly refer to the Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCA) Guide for Applicants.


Inclusion and Diversity Strategy and how to get one

Dublin, Ireland between 22-24 January 2020. Themes and Goals: This is a Contact Making Seminar which will include some training elements and aims at attracting more organisations, particularly those with a strong inclusion dimension. It is targeted at both newcomers and experienced organisations who wish to develop their understanding of strategic approach to inclusion and ...

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Seminar/Study Visit: Sensitive topics in Working with young refugees

Study Visit 8-13 March 2020 | Brussels, Belgium – FR Application deadline 14 January 2020 Many initiatives concern “sensitive topics with young refugees” (physical, psychological and social). The challenge is not to re-invent wheels, but connect successful initiatives and learn from each other to better integrate them in youth work. This seminar is aimed at ...

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The Star of Europe – Czech Republic

Training Course 9-13 March 2020 | Prague, Czech Republic Application deadline 12 January 2020 The Star of Europe training will take you through a youth exchange project from its very beginning to the very end, highlighting the ways how young people themselves can be involved in every step of their own youth exchange project. Aims ...

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BiTriMulti (BTM) – Multilateral Training Course for newcomers in youth exchanges

Training Course 17-21 March 2020 | Slovak Republic Application deadline 5 January 2020 The aim of the BiTriMulti course is to offer an international learning experience for practitioners active in the youth work field, enabling them to develop their competences in setting up quality Youth Exchange projects;especially newcomers to this field The BiTriMulti training supports ...

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European Solidarity Corps: TOSCA

Training Course 24-28 February 2020 | Yspertal, Austria Application deadline 2nd January 2020 The training activity aims to support and build up the capacities of organizations that actively participate in Volunteering Actions of the European Solidarity Corps, in order to ensure quality and impact in the respective projects. Objectives and benefits of the training course ...

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