Discover Design Thinking

Training Course

22-27 July 2019 | Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

In this training course, youth workers, educators and trainers will discover a new approach, Design Thinking, to unlock creativity – both in themselves and in young people!

Design Thinking is a methodology for the practical and creative resolution of problems, with a look for an improved future result. But Design Thinking is also a mindset – the belief that everyone can create a more desirable future and a process – a “how-to” to overcome difficult challenges. This feeling of confidence and optimism is well needed in education, both formal and non-formal. Thanks to this methodology, educators, teachers and trainers will learn how to fill young people with creative curiosity.

During the training, participants will go through the 5 stages of the Design Thinking process: Discovery, Interpretation, Ideation, Experimentation, Testing.

During the process, participants will:

– confront their own barriers to creativity (risk aversion, fear of failure) and discard old thinking patterns,

– get to know new tools to stimulate their own creative confidence and that of the young people they work with,

– discover how to create inspiring conditions for creative teams (e.g. changing the setting),

– learn how to apply this methodology in non-formal education,

– translate Design Thinking into their international projects, organisations and communities.

Organisations in Luxembourg will be able to transfer the methodology to their current projects with young people in places such as youth houses, NGOs and youth organisations.

The training course is based on self-directed learning: participants will relate to their experiences and needs and share them with their co-learners. In addition, they will have a chance to use indoor and outdoor spaces in an innovative way, adjusting them to their learning needs. After each step, they will be empowered to look at the process from a meta-level and reflect on what can be directly transferred to youth work and within the framework of Erasmus+ program.

Our participants are youth workers, educators, trainers and teachers who are:

– already actively working with young people in non-formal settings;

– committed to attend the training course for its entire duration;

– motivated to share, learn and support their peers in the learning process;

– able to work in English.

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